360e is a cutting-edge interactive ad unit that enables advertisers to feature 360° panoramic images. This immersive format helps you maximize the impact of your advertising and enables you to showcase a venue, destination, or experience in a whole new way.

Check out the demo here.


Submission Lead-Time: Creative files and click-through URLs must be submitted to Northstar no later than 10 business days prior to launch. Please provide both creative sizes with your materials.

Creative Unit Name 360° Image Min Required Size Headline
Max Character Count
(with spaces)
Promo Copy
Max Character Count
(with spaces)
Max Character Count
660x250 Unit3000x150025NA3 words


Animation: Allowed for this unit.
  • Animation generated from client provided panoramic images.
    3rd Party Hosted If HTML5 billboard is more complex than our template or contains video, audio, & animation, it must be served through a 3rd party ad server tag. For Northstar hosted HTML5, creative must abide by our HTML5 Guidelines. See General Guidelines for additional information. Northstar will not provide video metrics on 3rd party hosted creative.