Frequently Asked Questions

Materials Trafficking Questions

Where do I send my materials?

Please click the materials contact page located on the footer or click here.


Website Production Questions

What file types should I send my images?

Please send images as .jpg, .gif, or .png files. When possible, please optimize your images for web viewing.

eNL Questions

Can we run tags on the eNL's?

No, third party tags are not supported on eNewsletters due to the fact they are static HTMLs viewed in email clients. Since they are not “live” websites, we cannot run tags on them.

Do we accept click trackers and impressions tags for the eNLs?

Yes, we accept click trackers and impression tags as they do not interfere with tracking. Please note that NTM cannot guarantee metrics on 3rd party click trackers and impression tags as they are not within our system.

Do we accept animation on eNLs?

Yes, but they must adhere to the 3 loop/15 second animation runtime. As a fallback option, please include the brand messaging and call to action on the first frame so that email clients that do not support animation will display the first static frame.