General Requirements

General Requirements:

  • Please submit appropriate creative files along with the click-through URL. Only fully qualified URLs can be used (e.g.

  • Creative must be supported by most recent browser and 2 versions prior.

  • Creative must be HTML5 compliant.

  • URL must be hardcoded into the HTML5 files.
  • For DoubleClick tags, please provide the DFP Internal Redirect URL

  • Map all images locally within the HTML5 or use third party hosting.

  • When possible, ensure links and assets are SSL compliant so browsers can render the creative properly in all environments.

  • File weight calculation: All files for the ad (.html, .js, .css, images, etc.) must be included as part of the maximum file weight calculation for all file load limits. Shared libraries are also included as part of the file weight calculation.

  • HTML5 bundle or total size of extracted files cannot be more than 1000 KB.

Macro Requirements:

  • If your tags are not recognized by the DFP ad server, production will contact you to ensure proper placement of cachebuster and click macros.

  • Please contact your third-party tag provider for macro insertion instructions when serving into Doubleclick For Publishers (DFP). 

Third Party Tag Requirements:

  • As of 12/21/2017, NTG will not be accepting certain vendor's 3rd party tags for security reasons as advised by DFP. Please see the announcement here.

  • 1x1 impression tags and click trackers are accepted for Northstar hosted creatives, when applicable. Note: Not all creative units can apply tracking pixels.

  • 3rd Party DoubleClick INS Tags - please set background to transparent rather than default yellow.

  • Note: NTG will provide metrics reports as proof of performance and will not guarantee track ability by any 3rd party vendor or offer any make goods for non-functioning 3rd party tags.