The following Image, Text, Headline, Link Description, and URL assets are required within 5 days prior to issue date.


  • Image dimension: 1,200w x 628h pixels

  • File formats: JPG or PNG

  • Image may not include more than 20% of text.
  • Design Recommendations: Use a visually catchy image with a strong subject. Avoid blues if possible. Include a high res logo and call-to-action within the image. Provide up to three images for A/B testing in which Northstar will optimize towards the best performing creative.


  • Text: 90 characters, including spaces. Appears above your image.

  • Headline: 25 characters, including spaces. Appears below your ad image.

  • Link description: 30 characters, including spaces. Appears below your headline.

  • Copy Recommendations: Address your audience in the Text line and grab attention in the Headline. Title case format recommended. Use the Link Description to provide additional information, unique selling points, and a strong call-to-action.


  • Click through URL. Only fully qualified URLs can be used (e.g. http://www.ntmllc.com/).

  • Display Link: If your click through URL is long, provide a shorter, friendlier display link.

  • URL Recommendations: The landing page should be relevant to your messaging, consistent with your creative, and optimized for mobile. Landing page should also include a privacy policy.