Flash Deprecation Announcement


As of 4/01/2017, Northstar Travel Group will no longer be accepting Adobe Flash Files (.swf) due to the phasing out of Flash in favor of HTML5 by the majority of the digital community.


Leading internet companies such as Google, Mozilla, and Facebook will no longer be supporting Flash on their respective platforms. This is due to the number of security issues and bugs caused by Flash technology. Apple had never supported Flash on their devices for similar reasons. Current browsers will not render these creatives by default and any Flash content will be automatically blocked. Users must specifically enable Flash on each website that has this content - lowering the quality of user experience as a result.  The transition to HTML5 allows content to be served on more devices, offers better security, minimizes device power consumption, and improves load times for users.


In addition, Northstar Travel Group and its affiliate brands have transitioned to a new ad server, Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to better serve our clients. Google’s DFP follows the latest in advertising and digital media standards and practices.  Our specs have changed to meet these industry standards.


All technical product specifications on this website have been revised to meet HTML5 standards. All Flash (.swf) specs have been removed and Flash creatives will no longer be accepted or served on NTG websites. Please take note of these changes on this website.

We thank you for your cooperation.

  • Digital Production Department, Northstar Travel Group