In-Banner Video Specs

HTML5 In-Banner Video Ad Specifications


The specs outlined below are required for site-served HTML5 in-banner video ads. Materials are due 10 business days prior to launch date.


  • Video: MP4/H.264 format, Minimum 24 fps, Unlimited file size for user initiated video.
    • Image and Video combined cannot exceed 100 MB in total file size.
  • Background Image: JPG or PNG format only. Max file size 60KB.
    • Dimensions (width x height):
      • Medium Rectangle: 300x250
      • Expandable Leaderboard: 728x90 collapsed; 728x300 expanded
      • Half Page: 300x600
    • Must leave 300x180 whitespace on background image. This is where the video will overlay.
    • Do not include expand or close commands within image.
  • URL: Please provide click through URL. Only fully qualified URLs can be used (e.g.

Expandable Leaderboard:

728x90 Collapsed


728x300 Expanded


Medium Rectangle – 300x250 – Non Expanding