NTM Created Email Blast Specifications

In rare instances, NTG can build your email blast with the help of our Digilab team.

Typically, 8-business days advance notice is required for any custom-build request. Please plan accordingly, as last-minute requests for a custom-HTML build may delay your campaign’s deployment.

Also, please discuss this option with your salesperson as a digital production fee may apply.

In order to build your custom-HTML, we need the following assets:

  • A brief synopsis of your email concept, design, and goal.
  • Textual message to be included in the body of the email. Please provide copy (75 – 100 words suggested) in a Word document. Specify any words that should be hyperlinks to landing pages and include the corresponding URLs (include any tracking tags/pixels in the URL to be included).
  • Image files to use (including your logo). Ensure all image files are 72dpi.
  • Indicate the background color you want to use for the email and send images (logos, etc) with the background color that is desired on the final look and feel of the email. Images with a transparent background will allow for the most flexibility as the background color may be easily changed.
  • -Include the subject line you’d like to use for the email (Maximum 50 characters including spaces)

Upon completion of your email draft, Digilab will send you a link to the creative for review. Please provide edits and/or approval in a timely manner.

Upon your approval of the draft, Digilab will forward your materials to the Email Coordinator assigned to your campaign.

The email coordinator will build your campaign and send you a final sample of the actual email to review and approve before scheduling it for deployment.