NTM Created Email Blast Specifications

Production Specifications

Please note the timeline below in regards to the successful production of your HTML Email:

  • Three weeks before blast date: Deliver creative materials (in a PC friendly format) and instructions or ideas for your email. ZIP FILE WARNING: If you plan to send a zip file of your materials, please first rename the file extension from .zip to .abc so it will pass through email SPAM filters without problems. ZIP files will be blocked and you will have to resend. Please do not send .sit files.
  • Two weeks before blast date: Receive a link to the first draft of your HTML email and begin review
  • Two weeks to one week before blast date: Submit change requests and complete approvals
  • One week before blast date: Provide final email approval. To accommodate change requests or delayed approvals after this date, NTM will reschedule the blast (typically two months from original blast date)
  • Day of scheduled email blast: Success! Your HTML email will be emailed to the appropriate list of recipients by NTM. Please notify the project manager if you would like to receive a copy of this blast when it is mailed.

NTM will be assisting in the creation of your HTML email, please provide at minimum the required elements below.

  • Required
    • Message to be included in the body of the email

    • Subject line of the email (Maximum 50 characters)

  • Optional
    • 1 or 2 Images

      • Please provide images in JPEG or EPS format
      • Images should be high quality with resolution of 72 dpi
      • Please send images (logos, etc) with the background color that is desired on the final look and feel of the email. Images with a transparent background will allow for the most flexibility as the background color may be easily changed.
    • logo to be used in the email

      • Please provide logo in JPEG or EPS format
    • Text -- suggested text length – 75 words

      • Specify any words that should be hyperlinks to websites and the corresponding URLs
    • Background color of the email

Tracking Note: Only use hrefs when coding your outgoing email. Our email tracking system only tracks hrefs. If anything other than an href is used, it will result in inaccurate reporting.


Due to CAN SPAM compliancy regulations, NTM can not accept email addresses to be added to the mailing list. NTM will accept email addresses to be excluded from the mailing, or list of email address to be used as the seed list for the mailing (seed list may not exceed 10 email addresses).

Please forward all materials and questions to: