Production Newsletter Requisition Process

Newsletter Workflow Process

  1. Please fill out our internal newsletter request form below:

    • The name of this eNewsletter cannot change - once it is processed through this form, we will provide a naming convention propagated throughout all processing points. Opt outs, order entry backend, list naming conventions and all related points of implementation will be based on your response.
    • When specifying ad units, please include the specs of any sponsored content blocks, etc. Please also identify if materials will be going through production or done by editorial/custom publishing.

  2. Please select a starting layout for your newsletter:
    Newsletter Template 1
    Newsletter Template 2
    Newsletter Template 3
    Newsletter Template 4
    Newsletter Template 5

    These templates are starting points for your newsletter - we can move elements, delete them, and adjust the look and feel of to your branding. See the attached sample for the most recent template, Phocuswire Daily - See also: Travel Weekly | Meeting News

    These templates also have built in responsive design.


  3. Once you have received approval and the request form has been acknowledged by Linda Buchanan - the business is to schedule a design call with Martin Aranas, our StoryPorts support contact after production has acknowledged your newsletter request.

We thank you for your cooperation.

  • Digital Production Department, Northstar Travel Group