Mobile Banner

Also known as an X-Large Mobile Banner, these are 320x50 ad units designed for smartphone users.

Although the 300x50 is also supported and and will be accepted for this unit, it is recommended to use the larger version as mobile devices have increased in size.

Template:Click here to download this template or save the image below.



Submission Lead-Time: Creative files and click-through URLs must be submitted to Northstar no later than 5 business days prior to launch.

Creative Unit Name
IAB Standard
width x height
File Types
File Size Limit
Mobile Banner
320x50gif, jpg, png50KB
Mobile Banner
320x50gif, jpg, png50KB


Animation: Allowed for this unit.
  • 15s max - 3 loops max

Expansion: Not Allowed for this unit.

Video & Audio: Not Allowed for this unit.

3rd Party Hosted Accepted. See General Guidelines for additional information. Northstar will not provide video metrics on 3rd party hosted creative.