A pushdown creative is an expanding ad that pushes down the content of a webpage when the creative expands, moving the site elements out of the way to display the ad. Pushdown creatives are desktop browser-only and can't be served in mobile apps, however, they support multimedia and interacting, allowing for effective message mediums.

Template:Click here to download this template or save the image below.

A demo animation of how a pushdown expands is below:


Submission Lead-Time: Creative files and click-through URLs must be submitted to Northstar no later than 10 business days prior to launch.

Creative Unit Name
IAB Standard
width x height
File Types
File Size Limit
Pushdown970x90 expands to 970x415HTML5Initial File Load: 200KB
Host-Initiated Subload: 300KB


Animation: Allowed for this unit.
  • Animation plays once with no looping.
Expansion: Allowed for this unit. See more at Expandable Ad Specs.
A copy of our HTML5 expandable template is available for download here.
  • Expansion Direction: Down
  • Expansion Method - Expand: On Click and Auto-Expand
  • Expansion Method - Close: Auto-close after 5-7 seconds
  • Frequency Cap: Capped at ONE per user per 30 minute session.

Video & Audio: Allowed for this unit.
  • Image and Video combined cannot exceed 1 MB in total file size.
  • Audio Starts with Video after User Initiation
  • 24fps Min. 240x180 mp4 1mb - 2 mb, 30 sec. up to 1 min max

  • Control = "Replay" Control = "Close X" Location = On Edge Buttons = Play, Pause, Rewind, Volume

3rd Party Hosted Accepted for all publications except TW. If HTML5 pushdown is more complex than our template or contains video, audio, & animation, it must be served through a 3rd party ad server tag. For Northstar hosted HTML5, creative must abide by our HTML5 Guidelines. See General Guidelines for additional information. Northstar will not provide video metrics on 3rd party hosted creative.
If you would like Northstar to animate on your behalf, provide static jpgs (970x90 and 970x415) and URL 10 days prior to issue date.