Since 1997, SportsTravel magazine has served the sports-related travel and event industry. It is the only publication written and designed to serve the people who organize and manage sporting events of all types at all levels.

SportsTravel eNewsletter Ad Specs

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Creative Unit Name
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Horizontal Banner600x100.gif, .jpg, .png60kB


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File weight calculation: All files for the ad (.html, .js, .css, images, etc.) must be included as part of the maximum file weight calculation for all file load limits. Shared libraries are also included as part of the file weight calculation.

Alt Text: Please provide alt text for the image in the event a user has images “turned off”.
Expansion: Not Allowed for this unit.
Video & Audio: Not allowed for this unit. No Controls allowed for this unit.
Animation: Not Allowed for this unit.

Third Party Tag Requirements

Please provide an image file plus a click tracker tag. Standard tags and 1x1 pixels not accepted. Note: NTM will provide metrics reports as proof of performance and will not guarantee track ability by any 3rd party vendor or offer any make goods for non-functioning 3rd party tags.